Advantage Healthcare Billing Systems

Advantage HealthCare Billing Systems has extensive experience with all aspects of medical billing and we specialize in working with the small and/or solo practices.

We are a highly motivated and dedicated organization that prides itself on its ability to provide individualized service and act as an extension of your office. Our primary goal is to assist your practice to recognize its full revenue potential.

We are paid based upon a percentage of what is actually collected. If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid.  The payments come directly to your office and you are invoiced on a monthly basis.  Full control of your money is still maintained by you.

The AMA reports that the average physician spends over $10.00 on each medical claim processed with no guarantee of acceptance or payment and $25.00 each time it is re-billed. Our practice management and claims submission services will attend to the daily business details while you are free to practice medicine.

We have extensive knowledge of coding requirements, proper use of modifiers and insurance carrier rules and regulations.  Our accuracy in preparing insurance claims maximizes reimbursement while preventing dollars from falling through the cracks. We continually attend local and national seminars to keep abreast on new billing practices that are most beneficial to you.  We are committed to being informed about all changes in regards to claims filing and coding.